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For commercial buildings, both new construction and renovation, P. I. Architect offers a complete series of design and building services, including land use planning, building code analysis, building cost and feasibility studies, and construction drawings for permitting, for both new construction and renovation.  Land use planning would certainly involve parking layout and visibility.  

Building orientation is important for visibility and for the potential of using solar energy for passive (lighting, energy storage and conservation) and active uses (solar photovoltaics).

Building code analysis is essential for ensuring that a building’s exiting system is code-compliant, and for communicating with the building officials who enforce the codes (Building Commissioner, and fire marshal).  Also, in MA, certifications may be required both before and after construction.  These certifications attest to the fact that the building is designed according to the current ICC and state building codes. These certifications are required for both obtaining a building permit, and for obtaining an occupancy permit post construction.

Building cost estimating and cost control and are essential for building owners and/or developers to understand the capital effects of a proposed project. The use of Design alternatives is a method to test cost and aesthetics of various differing approaches to meeting an owner’s objectives.  Sometimes, or perhaps usually, a building design process is essentially one facet of an owner’s big-picture feasibility study - to understand the effect a project has on the ROI, or business plan in general.

Construction Documents constitute the plans details, and specifications that make up the bidding/permitting documents.  Included are Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/and Fire Protection drawings, details and specifications prepared by consulting engineers, and coordinate withing the overall bid document package.
1st Row: Study for Terminal, Beverly Airport, Beverly, MA; 5c Savings Bank, Newburyport, MA
2nd Row: Corporate Headquarters, Andover, MA; Restaurant and Condo Triple Decker, Amesbury, MA
3rd Row: Proposed Addition for Chamber of Commerce, Newburyport, MA; Public Restroom Facility, Plum Island, Newburyport, MA; Route 1 Commercial, Seabrook, NH