Assisted Living with Alsheimer's Care, Haverhill, MA

3-Phase Residential Master Plan and Marina, Palatka, FL

Beach House, Plum Island, Newbury, MA

Modular Condominium Building, Palatka, FL

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3-Phase Residential Master Plan and Marina, Palatka, FL

Beach House, Plum Island, Newbury, MA

Commercial and Residential Addition to Existing Farmhouse & Barn

Mixed use residential & Commercial development, Amesbury, MA
Historic Reconstruction for 22-unit Affordable Housing, Newburyport, MA
Two beach houses for Plum Island, Newbury, MA,

Log cabin hunting camp, Rowley, MA
For residential buildings, Plum Island Architect offers a complete array of architectural design and building services, including land use planning, building code analysis, building cost and feasibility studies, and construction drawings for permitting.  There are common approaches for single-family homes and large condomimium and residential projects.  Sieze the opportunity!

Building orientation (siteing) is important for visibility and for the potential of using solar energy for passive (lighting, energy storage and conservation) and active uses (solar photovoltaics).  Vehicular access and respect for existing conditions, such as vegetation and topography are critically important for the success of your project.

In Massachusetts, certifications may be required both before and after construction.  These certifications attest to the fact that the building is designed according to the current ICC and state building codes. These certifications can be required for both obtaining a building permit, and for obtaining an occupancy permit post construction.

Building cost estimating and cost control and are essential for home owners and/or developers to understand the cost effects of a proposed project. The use of Design alternatives is a method to test cost and aesthetics of various differing approaches to meeting an owner’s objectives.  These alternatives can be related to space planning, and the use of various levels of material quality. Sometimes, or perhaps usually, a building design process is essentially one facet of an owner’s big-picture feasibility study - to understand the effect a project has on the ROI, or business plan in general, or in the case of the homeowner, simply bottom-line cost.

Construction Documents constitute the plans, details, and specifications that make up the bidding and permitting documents.  Included on larger projects are Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/and Fire Protection drawings, details and specifications prepared by consulting engineers, and coordinated within the overall bid document package.